Marshall Islands Offshore Company Formation (2023 Updated)

The Marshall Islands is a country in Oceania, located between Indonesia and Hawaii. Common languages here are Marshallese and English used in business and law. This is considered a highly attractive authority due to its many advantages and great benefits, bringing many business opportunities for the development of foreign companies. It is a modern and stable corporate jurisdiction that offers flexibility, security, and reliability for international companies.

Benefits of incorporating in Marshall Islands:

Tax incentives and low cost

Certain nations, such as the Marshall Islands, allow the creation of offshore corporations in exchange for zero taxes, no upfront capital requirements, and optional licensing for yearly files and reporting obligation. This will save you money not just due to the lack of a corporation tax system, but also due to lower compliance and other administrative expenditures.

Less requirements

There is no obligation for LLCs to file annual reports. In addition, there is no requirement to provide accounting and auditing records to the government. However, the documents should be kept by the firm in case an examination is necessary.

Whitelist jurisdiction

The Marshall Islands is on the white list, which was created by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to demonstrate nations' tax transparency. Because the Marshall Islands is a whitelisted nation, firms registered there can conduct business without concern of breaking tax transparency laws.


Furthermore, the Marshall Islands enjoys the maximum level of confidentiality by not maintaining a public register, which implies no exposure of information about the company's beneficial owners, shareholders, and directors. create public documents; Nominee directors and shareholders may be selected for the foundation of the Marshall Islands in order to protect actual people's identity.

Types of company in Marshall Islands:

The principal forms of business organization in Marshall Islands are: 

However, international business corporation companies and LLC a.k.a limited liability companies are the most prevalent and friendly forms of company for foreigners to establish in the Marshall Islands.

Requirements to form Marshall Islands companies:

Company member At least one director (person or corporate), shareholder (person or corporate) and UBO (person). Shareholder’s liability is limited up to the share they hold.  At least one manager, member. Sole manager can be a member.
Taxation No tax if the company operates out of Marshall Island No tax if the company operates out of Marshall Island
Economic Substance filing Required Required
Accounting & Auditing No need No need

Services after incorporation:

Bank account opening

In order to meet compliance, you need to open a bank account. Based on your business entity, business industry, business type,etc , we will help you to choose the best types of bank and brand. For later steps, we will guide you in detail as the procedures are different based on different banks.


Businesses’ stable development requires proper cash flow management without violating the government’s laws and regulations. Therefore, our team will accompany you with a professional bookkeeping service to maintain financial data accuracy.

The advantages when outsourcing a specialized team of compliance services: Provide a cost-effective solution for businesses that save more time & resources than manual bookkeeping work. And you should engage in bookkeeping to keep financial records ready for year end returns requirements.

How Much Does It Cost to Incorporate Marshall Islands Company?

In Marshall Islands, forming a business necessitates a plethora of sophisticated documentation and processes. It is also worth noting that foreigners are required by Marshall Company Law to engage the services of a licensed corporate service provider. CONTACT G.O.C RIGHT NOW to receive the greatest offer and save time.

Disclaimer: This guide serves as a reference tool and should not substitute legal advice. For tailored guidance, consult G.O.C's customer services. 

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