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Are you thinking of starting your own business overseas? Global market expansion through offshore structures can bring many benefits to a business, including increased market size, competitiveness, diversification, financial privacy, and access to flexible tax planning resources. However, it can also be challenging, requiring a business to navigate unfamiliar cultural, legal, and business environments.

Let us be your global expansion guide - Establish your international reputation with an offshore company. 

How to Incorporate an Offshore Company

Benefits of offshore company formation 

Offshore companies provide a number of advantages to businesses, including:

Tax Optimization

Optimize tax obligations by utilizing competitive tax laws & policies in most offshore jurisdictions

Financial Privacy and Safety

Offshore jurisdictions are infamous for having strong privacy laws to protect & provide the owners the maximum security for cross border business transactions

Advanced Legal Framework

Access to transparent and fair legal frameworks to ensure your business can operate fairly and competively

International Business Opportunities

Enhance international reputation by leveraging business friendly policies to expand your business in the global stage

Run your company with ease

Incorporation with 04 simple steps. We guide you every step of the way.


Company Registration

Select package and submit KYC documents


Due Diligence Process

Sign the application forms and do a compliance check


Submit Documents

File documents with the Registry and daily follow up


Start Your Business

Receive corporate documents and start doing business

Company Registration Worldwide

Set up your business in over +10 countries and receive consultations from our local experts.

Primary packages for forming and operating an offshore company in

Area Country Company type Incorporation package Corporate income tax Tax filling Public register Bearer shares
Africa Seychelles IBC 850 USD 0% (foreign-sourced)
Asia Singapore LTD 2,600 USD 17%
Hong Kong LTD 1,400 USD 8.25% - 16.5%
Australasia Marshall Islands LLC 1,050 USD 0% (foreign-sourced)
IBC 1,050 USD 0% (foreign-sourced)
Caribbean British Virgin Islands BC 1,500 USD 0% (foreign-sourced)
Cayman Islands LLC 3,300 USD 0% (foreign-sourced)
EC 3,300 USD 0% (foreign-sourced)
Saint Kitts and Nevis IBC 1,700 USD 0% (foreign-sourced)
LLC 1,700 USD 0% (foreign-sourced)
North America Belize BC 1,100 USD Depend on business activity
LLC 1,100 USD Depend on business activity
Panama IBC 1,400 USD 0% (foreign-sourced)
Delaware - Mid-Atlantic U.S State LLC 700 USD Pass through
C-CORP 700 USD Contact us
Washington - U.S State LLC 700 USD


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Frequently Asked Questions


At first late payment to the annual renewal fees could cause extra fines. Then your company will lose the good operating status and may bear the risk of being struck off.


It is possible, except for several jurisdictions that require local directors


Banking, insurance, e-gaming, crypto currency, securities, medical/health, oil/gas, corporate and trustee business


Mostly for e-commerce, marketing, consulting, holding company, intellectual property holding, or international business.


Registering for the Premium package results in better support throughout the process with a dedicated manager and fast turn-around time. 


According to the data in the registered form, we will email you a detailed guide on your service request and further advise you based on your business goals. After guiding you to select & make payment for additional services cater to your needs if applicable , we will review your documents and submit them to  government for approval. Once the clearance process is done, your company is registered. 

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