Offshore Holding Company in the BVI

Before you can form a BVI business, you should first grasp what a joint stock company is. A parent company is a corporation that retains the assets, shares, or interests of other businesses in order to obtain dividends, capital gains, rents, or other benefits from them. The British Virgin Islands Business Companies Act 2004 governs these companies.

Approximately 80% of all organizations registered in the British Virgin Islands are some type of holding company.

Types of BVI Holding Companies:

There are three different types of BVI holding company, which is as follows:

  • Pure Equity Holding Company, BVI: A holding company is a Pure Equity Holding Entity that owns the equity shares of other business organizations and earns dividends and capital gains. These firms, however, are not authorized to conduct most business operations without prior authorisation. This type of holding corporation must fulfill less economic substance requirements.

  • Asset Holding Company: A holding company is an asset holding firm that owns the assets of other businesses and makes money from them.

  • Intellectual Property Holding Company: Intellectual property rights can be held by holding corporations. These intellectual properties include patents, trademarks, copyrights, and others. Royalties are a source of revenue for intellectual property holding corporations.

Benefits of forming holding company:

  • Businesses bear less risk since the political and economic climate is stable.
  • Government policies are business-friendly, with less compliance requirements. There is no business tax, minimum paid-up share capital requirement, yearly audits, filing of tax returns, or anything else.
  • Personal information about the company is not made public, so overseas investors and business owners may expect excellent levels of privacy and security.
  • Businesses in the BVI can benefit from government tax breaks.
  • Businesses can readily transfer asset ownership. Holding corporations benefit from this adaptable structure.
  • The BVI is a well-known location for establishing an offshore holding company. The chances offered in the British Virgin Islands entice overseas investors and company entrepreneurs to establish themselves in this region.


In the British Virgin Islands, forming a business necessitates a plethora of sophisticated documentation and processes. It is also worth noting that foreigners are required by Belize Company Law to engage the services of a licensed corporate service provider. CONTACT G.O.C RIGHT NOW to receive the greatest offer and save time. 

Disclaimer: This guide serves as a reference tool and should not substitute legal advice. For tailored guidance, consult G.O.C's customer services.

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