Belize Offshore Company Formation (2023 Updated)

On the World Bank's ease of starting a company index, Belize ranks 152nd out of 183 economies. Furthermore, in 2019, Belize was ranked 135th out of 190 easy-to-do economies by the World Bank. Belize is mostly an agricultural and tourist country. Tourism in Belize is rapidly expanding; Belize is unquestionably a great business investment platform for launching a firm overseas. 

Its legal and political framework has made the region one of the most popular offshore jurisdictions since it provides a sustainable business-friendly platform for business investors. Setting up an offshore company in Belize is a step in the right direction as a global investor i. But first, let G.O.C go through the advantages of registering a corporation in Belize.

1. Benefits of incorporating in Belize:

Tax incentives:

When it comes to running  a business, tax compliance is a crucial consideration. High taxes will stifle growth and stunt business profits. Any international corporation established in  Belize will receive territorial tax policies in which a company does not have to pay any  local taxes. Offshore companies in Belize are eligible for many tax exemptions including exemptions from corporate income tax, capital gains tax, dividend tax, registration tax, and so on.

Furthermore, business owners also receive tax exemptions  when transferring assets, whether corporate or personal properties. Overall, Belize has a favorable tax environment for businesses, with no capital gains or inheritance taxes, no taxes on profits or interest paid by offshore corporations, and no income tax for enterprises based outside of Belize. This is also one of the reasons Belize is seen as a "tax haven" for foreign enterprises.

Political and economics stability:

Belize has a  stable democracy with a well-established legal system, making it a secure and dependable environment to do business. The country has a pro-business administration that is devoted to encouraging foreign investment. The US currency is commonly used in Belize. It is also considered the common currency for conducting business in this jurisdiction. And English is the primary language that will make communication easier for foreigners establishing a firm in Belize. As a result, international investors might feel confident in starting a firm here.

Terrain and people:

Belize naturally has a trade-friendly coastline, and due to its strategic location in South America, it is ideal for enterprises looking to do business in this region. Belize's natural tropical environment benefits firms in agriculture, fisheries development, furniture commerce, hydropower, and so forth. Belize is a welcoming and easygoing multicultural atmosphere. The majority of the population is Catholic.

High data security:

Setting up an offshore  corporation prefers  an increased information security environment. The confidentiality of private information is crucial to  offshore business  owners, any jurisdiction with high security measures is a preferable choice, and  Belize is one of those jurisdictions . In truth, the International Business Registry (IBCR) of Belize does not oblige companies  to provide corporate information such as the names of directors, owners, or shareholders to them.

Belize also permits the formation of anonymous and anonymous joint stock corporations, which can assist investors safeguard their identities and privacy. An IBC or LLC  in Belize does not have to file a tax return at the end of the year. Furthermore, firms do not declare assets or provide financial accounts.

So how many types of companies are there in Belize?

2. Types of company in Belize:

Belize has different sorts of business entities adapting to its economy:

However, international business firms and limited liability corporations are the most prevalent and friendly forms of company for foreigners to establish in Belize.

3. Requirements to form a Belize companies:

Company member At least one director, shareholder and UBO. Shareholder’s liability is limited up to the shares they hold.  At least one manager, member and UBO. Member’s 
Taxation Depends on the business activity Tax exemption, not allow to conduct the business inside of Belize
TIN registration Required Not required
Economic Substance filing Required Not required
Annual tax return filing Required Not required
Confidentiality Lower than LLC Higher than BC

4. Services after incorporation:

Bank account opening

In order to meet compliance and running your business, you need to open a bank account. Based on your business entity, business industry, business type,etc , we will help you to choose the best types of bank and brand. For later steps, we will guide you in detail as the procedures are different based on different banks.


Businesses’ stable development requires proper cash flow management without violating the government’s laws and regulations. Our team will provide you with a professional bookkeeping service to maintain financial data accuracy and have proper financial records ready for compliances and business decisions.

The advantages when outsourcing a specialized team of compliance services: Provide a cost-effective solution for businesses that save more time & resources than manual bookkeeping work. And you should engage in bookkeeping to keep financial records ready for year end returns requirements.

5. How Much Does It Cost to Incorporate a Belize Company?

In Belize, forming a business necessitates a plethora of sophisticated documentation and processes. It is also worth noting that foreigners are required by Belize Company Law to engage the services of a licensed corporate service provider. CONTACT G.O.C RIGHT NOW to receive the greatest offer and save time. 

Disclaimer: This guide serves as a reference tool and should not substitute legal advice. For tailored guidance, consult G.O.C's customer services.

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