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The CorpPass enables a Singapore business to conduct various government requirements regarding tax filing, acquiring trade licenses, and other tasks throughout the corporation’s lifetime. As representing corporates’ digital profiles, it provides business owners with credentials to manage all online transactions with government agencies.

Most Singapore businesses are practically compulsory for CorpPass registration when incorporating a company in this country. By releasing the intricacy of paperwork, this platform ensures a secure and transparent method to share and manage confidential data between businesses and government agencies. 

How can CorpPass be applied, whether for local or foreign entrepreneurs? Is setting up an account on this platform safe and accessible? Let’s dive into the following sections in this blog to explore answers to these questions.

CorpPass registration in Singapore

What is The CorpPass for?

Local businesses holding a UEN (Unique Entity Number) or foreign entities can sign up for a CorpPass account. Additionally, the following entities are also eligible, including:  

  • Corporates register for GST (Goods and Services Tax)
  • ITR (Income Tax Reference) holding companies 
  • Companies hold the tax reference number assigned by the IRAS (ASGD)

Commonly, you need a CorpPass account to e-filling GST tax returns when being the sole proprietor or operating a business under Division Registration or GST group.   

Which Government Agency Works With CorpPass?

CorpPass allows businesses to meet compliance with various requirements of the Singapore government. This platform welcomes an extensive network of 200 government agencies, typically including: 

  • ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority)
  • IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore)
  • Enterprise Singapore: provide support, resources, and valuable insights for businesses, especially startups
  • Corporate service providers and public accountants
  • Accountant General’s Department - support financial management in the public sector
  • Singapore Customs - enhance an attractive global trade hub for businesses incorporated in Singapore
Singapore government agencies working with CorpPass
Singapore government agencies working with CorpPass

What are The CorpPass Roles?

CorpPass provides an easy-to-collaborate platform with various roles assigned to relevant users. Each position has different requirements regarding functions and limitations, which are described in the below table: 

CorpPass Roles Description
Register Officer (RO) The Registered Officer refers to an individual assigned to an entity approved by the ACRA. 
CorpPass Administrator (Admin)

The Administrator can create CorpPass accounts with authority granted by the Registered Officer. A Singapore resident possessing a Singpass account is required for this role. 

Regarding the feature range, the admin is flexible in registering, creating, and managing positions. Besides, they can view details of Government-to-Businesses transactions for proper actions.  

CorpPass Sub-Administrator (Sub-Admin) The admin can appoint a sub-admin for management assistance without the RO’s approval. The sub-admin has most of the features compared to the admin while being capable of managing roles and viewing transactions’ details. 
CorpPass Enquiry User The CorpPass Enquiry User can transact and view the entity’s CorpPass setup details. Both admin and sub-admin have the right to assign this role.
CorpPass User Each entity can have unlimited CorpPass users to transact directly with the government. Accountants or payroll executives can perform as a user with a unique-ID account to implement G2B online transactions.

What Needs Preparing Before Registering The CorpPass?

For Local Entities

Local companies need to prepare the following information, including:

  • Unique entity number (UEN)
  • Personal information of the assigned admin: National Registration Identity Card (NRIC), Singpass login details, full name, and email
  • Personal information of the Registered Officer (If the registered one is not RO): NRIC, full name, and email
  • Company’s registered address

For Foreign Companies

Foreign entities are required to prepare the following documents, including:

  • Business registration documents
  • CorpPass Admin ID

SingPass can allow overseas businesses to conduct the registration process ordinarily. If foreign entities do not possess a SingPass, they must register through the CorpPass 2-factor authentication (2FA) mobile application. 

How to Create a CorpPass Account? 

After appointing up to two admins, you must undergo two steps to create a CorpPass account.

Step 1: Prepare and Register For Approval

The assigned admins must sign up for a CorpPass account at this link. Here, you are required to prepare various documents depending on the company’s features, specifically: 

  • For local entities: The Registered Officer (RO) or the assigned admin must use the SingPass or a Letter of Authorization to get approval from the online registration. The RO can choose the role of an admin without waiting for permission. 
  • For foreign-registered entities: You must upload the identity and business documents as proof of official registration approval. After that, CorpPass will review all these files before granting access to entities for the next steps.

Step 2: Create an Account 

The Admin can create CorpPass accounts with specific IDs and passwords. Plus, they can manage and assign user roles to access various digital services. 

Besides, it should be noted that you need to activate the account before transacting as a company representative. For more information about guides to implement this task for both SingPass holders and non-SingPass holders, you can visit this video to explore specific details. 

Create and manage CorpPass accounts
Singapore government agencies working with CorpPass

Frequently Asked Questions About CorpPass

Can I allow third-party services to communicate as our company representative with the government?

Yes, the CorpPass system permits third-party service providers authorized by the admin to transact directly with government agencies. When being outsourced by the company, the assigned headhunter, tax agents, or auditors can file the Tax Return via CorpPass.

Can I nominate other Corpass admins for my entity?

Yes, the Registered Officer can change the admin for your entity at any time.

Does it cost any fees to sign up for CorpPass?

It does not cost any fees for businesses to use CorpPass in Singapore.


Readers are advised to consult with qualified legal, financial, and tax professionals before making any decisions based on the information provided in this blog. It is important to understand that laws, regulations, and tax implications can vary widely based on jurisdiction, residency, business type, and other factors. Therefore, seeking professional advice is essential to ensure accurate and tailored recommendations that align with your specific circumstances.

The authors, publishers, and G.O.C (Global Offshore Company) cannot be held responsible for any actions taken based on the information presented in this blog. The content is not intended to substitute for professional advice, and readers should seek the guidance of experienced professionals to address their individual needs and concerns.                                     

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